About the Photographer

I come from a family of many talented people on both sides. My Grandfather did photography and artistic woodworking. My grandmother a decorator. My father did photography, music, magic and theater.  My mother was an artist in drawing, design & decorating. My sister an artist in drawing, painting and theater. Other artists also in the family.

Hence I was born to explore in diverse ways. I started doing photography at an early age. Using my twin lens reflex cameras and doing darkroom work by 5 years old. I have learned from the ground up. When I learned, we did not have auto-focus nor auto-exposure, not even a light meter in the camera. Therefore “point & shoot” was not an option. Often film had only 12 exposures. Sometimes more. Then I had to develop the film. Drying time. Then the enlarger and tray developing of the prints. (Slides were different).  Because it took time, money, patience and effort, I learned to value every shot. To understand my equipment, lighting, composition, focus, subject matter and what I was trying to express. With those cameras and in the darkroom we could not alter nor enhance the image to the extremes or ease of today’s digital equipment and software. We had to take the shot correctly from the beginning. Hoping not to make an error in the processing. It took a lot of time & knowledge to get to the finished print. This also gave reason and importance to understanding your subject matter, circumstances, meaning & cause for expression. This, to me, gave value.

I learned to appreciate what went into achieving a good print. I also learned it was not necessary to follow the norm.

I worked amateur & professionally for newspapers,  resorts throughout the Poconos, magazines, yearbooks, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs etc. I have run multiple well-known portrait studios.

Although there is an art to much of the types of photography aforementioned, what I desired has always been to shoot artistically. To express beauty, ugliness & difference. To invoke feeling. Express myself. Draw attention to social issues. Effect change.

As time passed I lost my equipment due to fire then theft. I lost almost all my creative work due to same.

Due to my experience I do not desire to alter my work with software, unlike the common practice that is prevalent in the photography world. This is fine for those that wish to work in the medium more like a painter. Mostly my work is what was shot, except to crop it for the size needed.

I do not shoot to sell or market the image. I shoot because it means something to me.  If it sells great. If not, that is fine for I had the pleasure of shooting it. I merely offer you an opportunity to avail  yourself of some of my work. Perhaps we can both have the pleasure of sharing it.

Welcome to my Minds Eye – The Eye of Larry